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5 Piece Set


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5 Piece Set

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Go From Fuzzy To Fabulous In a Flash!

This revolutionary, exfoliating facial device, painlessly removes dead skin cells, built up debris, and pesky peach fuzz. Results are immediate. Smooth, radiant, touchable skin is instantly revealed.

DERMAFLASH was specifically designed for the delicate skin on a woman’s face and was created by a woman for ALL women.

DERMAFLASH is a first-in-class, patented, safe and hygienic exfoliating device. Inspired by dermaplaning, a facial treatment that was previously available only in medical spas or doctor’s offices, DERMAFLASH brings this spa procedure home. This magic wand instantly reveals smooth, luminous, younger looking skin. DERMAFLASH erases the barrier to product penetration and absorption, and creates a flawless canvas for both skin care and makeup.

"The skin you want is lying just beneath the skin you see"
- Dara Levy, inventor of DERMAFLASH

Your DERMAFLASH device includes:

  • 6 weeks of Treatments
  • Prep Cleanser 25 ml/.8 fl oz
  • Soothe Hydrator 25 ml/.8 fl oz
  • Charging Base
  • Power supply cord
  • Owners Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
• Exfoliates and Polishes to Restore Radiance
• Sweeps Away Dead, Dull Cells from Skin’s Surface
• Temporarily Removes Peach Fuzz
• Enhances Radiance, Texture and Tone
• Skin Care and Makeup Go On More Smoothly and Evenly
• Skin Looks and Feels Healthier Instantly
• Gentle and Safe For All Skin Types
• Safe and Hygienic, Single-Use Edge

How To DERMAFLASH in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Prep

Prep Cleanser prepares the skin for the DERMAFLASH treatment. Cleanse your face with Prep Cleanser prior to Flashing. Wipe clean and gently pat dry. This cleanser is a vital part of the treatment as it creates a perfectly dry surface.

Step 2: Flash

Slide device into the Edge cartridge tray to click in an Edge. Pull up and lift off. For safety and hygiene purposes, each Edge is designed for single use only. The Edge tray comes with 6 single use Edges.

Blue Tabs: There is a blue tab on each Edge, which signals to the DERMAFLASH device that the Edge is new and ready for use. Once an Edge has been loaded into the device, and removed, the blue tab breaks off. If the blue tab breaks off and is removed, the DERMAFLASH device considers that Edge used. The device will not turn on if an Edge without a blue tab is inserted. The Hummingbird power button will flash rapidly to advise you that there is an issue with the Edge. Therefore, please note, if an Edge is inserted into the device and removed, even if a DERMAFLASH treatment was not completed, the Edge will no longer work. Please always remember to charge the device without an Edge in the device.

After inserting a clean Edge (with a blue tab) into device, start treatment in front of your ear at the top of the cheekbone. Hold skin taught with a finger from the opposite hand, using short, feathery strokes glide your DERMAFLASH inward toward your nose, over the contours of your cheek and entire side of your face. Continue with the same light, feathery strokes on the chin, below and above the lip, and finish with the forehead. Avoid eyelid, eyebrows, hairline, sides of the nose, and directly on surface of lips.

The blue silicone pads on either side of the device are intended to be used as your guide. Hover the pad just above the surface of your skin to maintain the perfect angle. Treatment takes about five to 10 minutes.

Step 3: Soothe

Apply a thin layer of Soothe Hydrator over entire face. This specially formulated moisturizer is ideal to care for skin after treatment.


For optimum skin refining, use DERMAFLASH once per week as part of your nighttime routine.

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What are the advantages of DERMAFLASH over face shaving?

Men shave, women DERMAFLASH. Men lubricate their skin to soften their beard. Men grow terminal hair on their faces, which is coarse and thick. Women grow vellus hair, which is baby fine. DERMAFLASH is specially designed for the sensitive skin on a woman's face. It is performed after using our specially formulated cleanser PREP that gently removes surface oil and creates a dry platform. Dead skin cells and debris lie on top of your skin, and when the oily residue is removed, DERMAFLASH can sweep away dull, lifeless cells and vellus hair more effectively.

What makes the DERMAFLASH EDGE so unique?

Inspired by the popular medspa procedure called Dermaplaning, the Edge is a proprietary element exclusive to the DERMAFLASH system. It is safe and gentle on all skin types, and effectively improves skin tone and texture without causing irritation.

How many times can I use each Edge?

Each DERMAFLASH EDGE is specifically designed for a single use. Each Edge will self-destruct after usage so it cannot be reused to maintain the most sanitary conditions.

How often can I DERMAFLASH?

We recommend using it once weekly.

How long does it take to DERMAFLASH?

It takes from 5-10 minutes to perform.

Is DERMAFLASH safe for all skin types?

DERMAFLASH was designed to be safe for even the most sensitive skin. It is effective for all skin types, and colors.

If I use DERMAFLASH will my hair grow back faster?

No, your hair will grow back at the normal rate.

If I use DERMAFLASH will my hair grow back darker?

No, your hair will grow back the same color as before.


No, DERMAFLASH was designed to be a gentle treatment.

How long will my ESSENTIALS last?

ESSENTIALS lasts for 6 treatments.

What areas can I DERMAFLASH?

We recommend using DERMAFLASH on your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Are there any parts of my face that I should not DERMAFLASH?

You should avoid the eyelid and eyebrow area, directly under your eyes, lips and nose.

Can I DERMAFLASH any facial areas more than once?

We recommend covering facial areas only one time per DERMAFLASH.

Does my face need to be dry before I DERMAFLASH?

DERMAFLASH was designed to be used after PREP on dry clean skin.

What will my skin look like after DERMAFLASH?

You will glow as though you are lit from within. You might be a little pink because you are stimulating your circulation.

How soon can I wear makeup after DERMAFLASH?

You can apply makeup and concealer as soon as you wish, following use of SOOTHE.

How long will it take for my system to charge?

It will take 5 hours to fully charge your system for your first DERMAFLASH.

When should I DERMAFLASH?

We recommend using your DERMAFLASH system one time per week as part of your nighttime routine for optimal results.