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  • “Your skincare products are able to penetrate at a deeper level and work more effectively because they don't have to work their way through facial hair and dead skin. I love this product!”

    — Amber

  • DERMAFLASH is a breakthrough in at-home facial technology and is a highly effective way to exfoliate while simultaneously removing facial hair. DERMAFLASH provides benefits without being irritating or provoking an age-accelerating inflammatory response.

    — Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD

    Dermatologist, PerriconeMD
  • Expect greater clarity, smoothness and evening of skin tone. DERMAFLASH enhances the skins ability to utilize powerful rejuvenating topicals to their optimal extent and maximum efficacy. Highly recommended!

    — Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD

    Dermatologist, PerriconeMD
  • “My skin felt so smooth afterwards. Theres no pain with use and most importantly, my hair did NOT grow back thicker, darker or stubbly.”

    — FreshFace

    Philadelphia, PA
  • Removal of facial hair with DERMAFLASH or by any other means does not and cannot promote hair growth. Increased hair growth as a result of shaving is a grandma myth, hair growth is hormonal and only a change in hormones can change hair growth.

    — Dr. Gina Danesh

    Danesh Dermatology, Beverly Hills CA
  • I #LOVE DERMAFLASH. Who doesn't want smoother skin in a #FLASH.

    — Mickey Williams

    Beauty Expert
  • “I love, love, love this system! My skin glows for days after using it and my makeup and skincare products glide on easily.”

    — BridgieTX

    Houston, TX
  • I think what I love most about DERMAFLASH is after using, my skin is so incredibly soft and silky. My makeup applies like a dream afterwards. But I also notice that dark marks that used to take forever to go away, are going away a lot faster because of how great this exfoliates. My brightening products seem to be working better after using.

    — Milly Almodovar

    Beauty Expert, NYC
  • As a Celebrity Makeup Artist, Dermaflash is a key component in my skin prep on clients before makeup application. I love the fact that within minutes, it removes dead skin and peach fuzz & unlocks a smooth and soft canvas for me to apply makeup products. My clients feel extra special when I use my Dermaflash and they enjoy the benefits of younger looking skin for days after they've washed the makeup way.

    — Melissa Hibbért-Brumfield

    Celebrity Makeup Artist
  • “This tool really helped bring back some glow to my skin. I also loved that, besides removing hair, it exfoliates my skin too.”

    — EileenPR

    Orlando, FL
  • As a TV Style Expert, a Celebrity Stylist and a mom of a toddler I don't have a lot of time to get to the spa. When I discovered Dermaflash it was life changing, because I could instantly exfoliate my skin and get rid of peach fuzz, at home, in under 10 minutes. I love that I saw and felt results right away and other people noticed too!

    — Anya Sarre

    Celebrity Stylist
  • I love Dermaflash because it sets up skin for the highest level of exfoliation giving me ultra smooth skin to work with for makeup application which results in absolutely fabulously glowing skin.

    — Ashunta Sheriff

    Celebrity Makeup Artist
  • Until Dermaflash came into my life I had no idea how much better my makeup could look. My skin is so smooth and makeup looks light years better! I will never be without this magic wand again.

    — Laura Geller

    Founder of Laura Geller Beauty
  • The glow... the ease of makeup application... the texture and smooth appearance and feel of the skin. I adore DERMAFLASH. I am convinced every woman must have one.

    — Sonja Wilson

    Former Model and Beauty Specialist for Guerlain
  • When I was done, I was shocked at the amount of barely visible hair caught in the device, and the result was pretty spectacular. I looked healthy and dewy, as if I'd dabbed on a good highlighter; had no flakiness; and noticed my makeup went on much smoother the next day. I had no residual redness or irritation, either.

    — Perrie Samotin

  • I've never experienced anything like Dermaflash, I loved how smooth and soft my skin felt after just one use. It's a gentle way to deeply exfoliate and remove the peach fuzz; plus my foundation went on so smoothly. I will be adding this to my weekly routine.

    — Jessica Zeller

    Global Marketing Director, KENDO
  • DERMAFLASH takes exfoliation to an entirely new level. Weekly use removes dead skin cells, built-up debris and peach fuzz that quite honestly I did not even realize I had! I am amazed at the glow and incredibly soft and smooth texture that my skin has just after one use.

    — Kelly St. John

    Vice President, Neiman Marcus Group

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